Since 2015, SIP has provided an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the spirits sector for the creation, incubation and growth acceleration of early-stage businesses. With its focus on authenticity paired with a norm-breaking attitude, SIP has developed strategic, global relationships across the entire supply chain from grain to glass.

Co-created with Bob Dylan, Heaven’s Door is a collection of handcrafted American whiskeys. The perfect blend of art and craft, Heaven’s Door is a collection of stories to be savored and shared. Each bottle showcases the distinctive welded-iron gates Dylan created in his studio, Black Buffalo Ironworks.

Stolen is a family of spirits that share the same essential DNA: high-quality and distinct with an unconventional character. Our history is simple and grounded in that fact that we like to party. Born of two Kiwis sick of their day jobs who were in need of an escape, Stolen celebrates their love of a good time.

A collection of rare sprits.

Coming soon.

The Natterjack is the only toad native to Ireland. While its amphibian relatives hop, the Natterjack walks, choosing its own course. Thanks to an adventurous spirit and ability to roam, it shows up in the most unlikely of places, not unlike the Irish. Our whiskey is an affectionate tribute to the Natterjack, as our story is also one of endless adventure. This is an extraordinary whiskey for those who do things their own way.